Why no air mattress in the reviews is ever a pool mattress?

You know, I don’t think any of those are any good for a swimming pool. No offence. They just aren’t. I’ve seen mattresses better than that, better suited for swimming. These things are not. I thought I’d find something better here but I guess not. Sorry. I’m just disappointed.


Hello Dylan!

I don’t quite understand what your problem is. My blog is not about pool mattresses or anything of the kind… Well, that may be not the most correct statement, but still, I write about mattresses meant for sleep, not about pool toys.

41ELxq4N5NL[1]It’s just common sense on my part that I don’t bring up things unrelated to the topic of my blog. Even though one can indeed sleep on a pool mattress. Still, not very relevant.

But anyway, I made a review on Intex mattresses once, and I might’ve mentioned how mattresses for sleeping are not the only thing they make. Indeed, they produce a number of inflatable things of all kinds. Pool mattresses are among them.

If you really want to buy a pool mattress, and you want to do so online, I recommend you consider purchasing this one. It comes from Intex, by the way.

I don’t think you were looking for help but I do hope this was helpful.



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