Best Time to Buy Mattress Depending on…

casper_mattress[1]So, what’s the best time to buy a mattress? The answer to this question might seem obvious. Whenever you want, isn’t that obvious? Well, it might seem that way. But the only reason for that is that the question itself is not all that clear.

Consider this: what exactly do you mean when you ask yourself—or anybody else for that matter—when the best time to buy a mattress or even something else is? Is that self-explanatory? No, folks, it is not.

Not self-explanatory, not intuitive. When people say “best”, they often leave something unsaid. Best for whom? Best for what? Why would it best?

Sometimes, the unsaid part is obvious. But sometimes it is not. Not even for yourself, not until you ponder over the question.

And that’s why we’re going to dissect the question and split it into a few far more specific topics.

Best time to buy a mattress depending on the price

images (1)It should be obvious. Depending on when you buy something, there can be huge discounts. Did you know that Amazon sometimes offers 100% discounts? No, that’s not a typo. I really mean one hundred percent. Of course, it’s wasn’t a mattress, it was a digital book—an intangible thing—so they didn’t exactly lose much, but even such tangible items as mattresses are sometimes sold for a mere fraction of their actual price.

The best time to buy a mattress under such criteria is, as you can guess, Christmas. As well as any other holiday. But there’s not just that. If you think discounts on Amazon are limited to holiday times, it is not so. Depending on the product and the manufacturer, there can be discounts at any moment. Annuals of different kinds should be your best bet.

As a rule, though, I would recommend checking and rechecking all products available on Amazon. Of course, I’m speaking about mattresses. There are meant to be used long-term (most of the time, not the case with many best air mattresses), and because of that waiting some time before actually buying the product shouldn’t be a problem.

And, you don’t have to worry about a discount that was there suddenly disappearing. Amazon will tell how much you still have before the discount expires. As well as any other useful information. By the way, sometimes you don’t even have to worry about discounts actually expiring. I’ve seen that before. The moment the discount was supposed to be a gone, a new one was offered. Such things happen, too.

Mattress as a present

When is the best time to buy a mattress as a gift? I could just tell you “anytime” and leave it at that, but this is not so simple. The real question is, is this appropriate?

A mattress is not the most intimate of possible gifts. It is not lacy underwear or something like that, but giving such a present does bear some connotations that require a certain level of familiarity. Parents, children, and siblings are okay. Good friends are okay as well. Colleagues… Well. Maybe. Depending on how close you are. People you barely met? No, I don’t think so.

Appropriate or not, it might be a terrific idea, as well as terrible. You have to know the preferences and health conditions of the person to whom the mattress would go. So, buying a mattress as a surprise is not something I would recommend. The safest bet would be either look up whatever wish list your friend has, or ask him directly. That probably wouldn’t be a surprise, but that wouldn’t be a nasty surprise either.

Best time of year to buy a mattress

By “time of year” I mean just that: the seasons of the year. The temperatures, humidity and, of course, the climate zone you live in all matter.

This is tricky. It really depends on the type of mattress. For instance, even the best memory foam mattresses are susceptible to extreme humidity. High temperatures make them softer. The weather conditions typical for you region is generally the best bet. But, let us not forget that there are at least winter and summer to consider.

I recommend buying memory foam mattresses in summer. They are softer when it’s warm. Besides, you can air the room out with no problems. You don’t have to be freezing to vent it.

Spring mattresses are best to buy in winter. There is little difference, actually, but the thing which is important is the shipment. It’s no secret that, despite all requirements and standards it’s quite easy for the package to pick up some bugs in the process of shipment. That is less likely to happen in the winter. Also, things like mold are not a threat either.

Same for the best futon and best latex mattresses.

As for air mattresses, I would recommend buying them in spring, May, actually. The reason for that is that this type of mattresses is seasonal in and of itself. Most of the time, air mattresses are used for camping. This is where your plans come into the picture.

Best time to buy a mattress depending on your plans

Like I said, if you’re planning to go camping, you should buy a mattress for it soon before the trip, regardless of when it happens. But be sure to leave yourself enough time to return the mattress and get a replacement in case you will get something you don’t really like.

If you’re planning to move, it is best not to buy any unwieldy things, and some mattresses can be really unwieldy. But what should you do if you can see there is a discount soon to expire?

If that is not a brick mattress of any kind, you can order it that very moment. You are not obliged to unpack it soon after arrival. It is quite possible to wait for moving into your new apartment and then do the unpacking. Be advised, however, that memory foam mattresses don’t handle deformation when. There are some exceptions you can look up in the memory foam mattresses reviews, however, generally they would not decompress properly if left unpacked for too long.

Special occasions also count. If you’re getting married or about to have a child, you must think about getting a new mattress for your couple, and, of course, a crib mattress.

Bottom line

2015-12-30_111632Now that we’ve done this brief analysis, some final words are due.

In my opinion, the most important thing is your plans. You shouldn’t buy such thing as a mattress out of the blue. You have to remember the inertia, so to speak. The world won’t stop just because someone has ordered a mattress. So make sure you’re getting something that would be able to serve you in time or for a long time. Something you won’t have to leave behind and something you’ll get shortly before you’ll need it.

The second most important thing is the discounts. Christmas season is one the most significant discount-makers, but you’re far from the only one aware of that. Christmas season is a time for discounts, but it is also a time for present-related rush hours.

Mattress as a present… it’s more about conditions than an actual time.

And then we have seasons of the year. While somewhat important, they are by no means pivotal. Take them into accounts if you have a choice, but otherwise don’t bother yourself too much.

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