What do I do about new mattress smell?


We’ve got a new mattress. The thing is, there’s something wrong with. I admit, at first, we enjoyed the smell of a new mattress, but now it’s becoming annoying. It’s been days but the smell is still there. I’m actually thinking of sending the mattress back, because I just can’t fall asleep. Do you perhaps have some advice, any advice?


Hello Harry!

It seems to me, you have acquired a memory foam mattress. After all, those are especially well-known for their smell.

I wouldn’t panic if I were you. It’s perfectly natural for a memory foam mattress to smell. Of course, the smell itself it is no natural, and it may not be pleasant for some people, but the smell of a new memory foam mattress always goes away, eventually at any rate. If the smell is really that much of an issue to you, I would recommend you reading my review on memory foam mattresses and picking one that doesn’t have a lingering smell… but I guess it’s too late for that.

All I kind recommend you to do is to air the room out. Maybe that’ll prove useful.

This may be not very helpful but it’s all I got.

Good luck!


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