What is the best RV mattress?


You apparently are a mattress expert. Or so you claim, same thing to me anyway. But perhaps you know what mattress would be good for an RV? I’ve got a used one, and it comes without any mattress. It’s just that the previous owner thought their mattress was too old and lumpy… or something like that. Anyway, I’m not as clueless as you might think, but perhaps you have any ideas?


Hello Birk!

I do have an idea, in fact, I have several of them. But first, I’ve got a question. What is the exact size of the bed in your RV? I assume it is Short Queen, a size rather typical for an RV. If you don’t already know that, you really should try and find out.

Lynnwood-WA-Home-and-RV-Mattress-Center[1]Why is that important? Because many mattresses come in only so many sizes. That’s just the way they are made.

But, while important, you don’t really need my advice with that. The thing really important for us is how comfortable would the mattress be for you. And how an RV would interact with it.

Most of the time, the answer is it doesn’t really change anything at all. RV or not, a mattress is still a mattress. However, there’s one peculiar thing about RVs. With them, there’s never a set specific environment. You travel, that’s a given. But when you travel, humidity and temperature change as well.

All in all, I recommend buying a memory foam mattress. In fact, I suggest that you consider purchasing one of these mattresses, that would be a good addition to your RV.

Hope this helps! Good luck.


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