What is the best mattress for hot sleepers?


I’ve tried a memory foam mattress, the one you recommended, but it didn’t work for me. Even though it got all the gel and vent and air flow it was still too hot for me to sleep on and I had to return to to amazon. I probably wouldn’t have thought twice but your review was kind of warning about how a mattress does not necessarily make you sleep comfortable even though it’s gel memory foam, as long as it’s memory foam. I like how memory foam feels, I really do, but I don’t really like it’s so hot. If only it was less hot to sleep on! Can you recommend something? A mattress that’s a memory foam but isn’t? I’m a hot sleeper, apparently, and I don’t really know what to do…


Hello Frank!

Yes, some people are never happy with memory foam mattresses. They do reflect the body heat back at the sleeper.

I would have asked you of your previous mattress, but I think it’s a bit pointless, given how you’ve told you actually like memory foam. But perhaps, you might reconsider? You know, innerspring mattresses are rather good in their own right, especially mattresses with pocketed coils. Since the coils are isolated from each other, each coils interact with you individually.

But of course that would be no real substitution for a memory foam mattress. The closest fit would be a latex mattress, but genuine ones are rather expensive. If you’re willing to part with your money nevertheless, then do consider the fact that latex mattresses are very similar to memory foam performance-wise but not identical to it.

Alternatively, you could get a cooling pad for your mattress. Now, their coolant effect can be achieved actively, passively or semi-actively. I really recommend getting either an active or semi-active cooling pad. You can familiarize yourself with cooling pads by following this link.

Casper MattressCasper Mattress$$$5
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