Is there a good guest mattress?


Can you please recommend a good guest mattress? I don’t really need something luxurious, just something that would be good for sleepover. I’ve been thinking about air mattresses, but I’m not sure if those are presentable enough. On the other hand, a mattress that would be suitable for a master bed is not such a good option either.


Hello Lenny!

As a matter of fact, not every air mattress looks unpresentable. Some of them do have a classy outlook to their credit. With some even, it is possible to mistake them for an actual bed, that’s how they might look.

However, that’s only true for so-called air beds. They are primarily constructed for home use, as such, they are perfect for guests. But that is not the only option available to you. You can also use a futon as a guest mattress. Futons are not terribly expensive, they don’t take up too much space and they also are used as the primary bed quite often, well, in Japan, at the very least.

I hope this was helpful.

Good luck!


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