What is the best vinyl mattress?


I can see you have many types of mattresses done. But you only reviewed those of vinyl mattresses that were crib mattresses as well. Why didn’t you make a review on at least one vinyl mattress?


Hello Rick!

I didn’t make a review like that because I don’t think such mattresses would be interesting to many people. However, since you have made a request, I will not ignore this topic any longer.

A vinyl mattress is not some specific mattress type, unlike latex or memory foam mattresses. A vinyl mattress can be any of those, as a matter of fact. A vinyl mattress has a vinyl cover, that’s all there is to that.

Of course, while not very popular, vinyl mattresses do have some perks. First of all, they are easily washable. Secondly, while they aren’t quite as good to the touch as latex mattresses, for instance, some people do prefer the feel of vinyl to some other materials.

So what are the best vinyl mattresses? Unfortunately, there aren’t too many to recommend. But still, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing at all.

For instance, you can consider buying this medical grade vinyl mattress. It is rather good, although still inferior compared to many non-vinyl mattresses.

If you, however, wish to have both the vinyl cover and a high-grade mattress, a vinyl protector would be a perfect choice for you.

Hope this helps!



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