What is the best mattress for couples?

Hello, Mark!

My husband and I are moving to our new home. We decided to leave our old mattress behind, because, while not old, it’s not good enough to bother it. That said, we’re obviously in need of a new mattress. I don’t really have many preferences, but I know I would like for us to have a nice mattress for a couple. We’re both still very young. Thank you!


Hello Julia!

I don’t think I fully understand what exactly the problem is. As far as I am aware, any mattress should do for you, provided it meets your expectations and requirements. Which, by the way, you said nothing about. However, I would recommend getting a King Size bed first. And I do mean bed, from what I understand, you will not be relocating yours as well. Of course, if you prefer a different size, feel free to choose a bed of that side instead.

You would need a mattress that can support the weight of both of you combined. That much is self-explanatory and rather obvious.

And if you’re still young… Perhaphs, what you need is a mattress for sex? That would definitely fit in the criteria of a mattress for a couple. If that’s what you want, I recommend reading this post of mine.

Hope this helps!



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