What is the best mattress for allergies?


I probably should turn to a doctor with this but then again that would be kind of silly anyway… Here goes. I’m allergic, and I know most synthetic mattresses don’t work for me. You may be not a doctor, but you do know about mattresses, right? Do you perhaps have any tips? That would be great if you did. Thanks!


Hello Guru!

From what I hear, that’s rather a common problem. Allergies are nasty unpleasant things if you ask me. When it comes to mattresses, this turns out both simple and complicated. What can be so complicated about mattresses and allergies? Well, sometimes people are allergic to the very materials the mattress is constructed with. However, that is not the case with most people. Most of the time, people react to dust mites.

Therefore, the best mattresses for people with allergies would be mattresses that are both dust mite proof and are not very allergic on their own. Fortunately, there’s just the type of mattresses you need. I mean latex mattresses. You can follow this link to get a hold of what latex mattresses there.

To save you some time, latex mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic and dust mite proof. Do note I say “hypoallergenic” rather than “non-allergenic.” It’s still possible for them to inflict allergies, just very unlikely.

Hope this helps!

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