What is the best cooling mattress?


A nice post. But what if I don’t need a cooling pad or protector or whatever? What if I need a cooling mattress? What should I do in that case?


Hello Mer!

Well, I’m not really sure what exactly do you mean by that. A gel-infused mattress? There are plenty of those. However, the main distinctive feature of those mattresses is that the cooling effect is used mostly to circumvent the natural heat issues of memory foam, as well as some other types of foam. Moreover, getting a whole new mattress would cost you a lot of money compared to a new mattress pad.

If what you want is a mattress that is comfortable and not superhot, consider purchasing a latex mattress. Or better yet, an air mattress. Due to them being natural heat-tanks, you are not likely to suffer from heat at night. If you prefer memory foam, make sure to buy a mattress with gel-infused foam.

But if you’re interested in the coolant effect and not how it comes to be, I strongly advise that you buy a cooling mattress pad instead.

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  1. Karl

    This is very helpful but could you please provide a table? To illustrate how effective each type of mattress is? I’m not really an expert myself, and I would prefer something I could just read and take notes rather than go from link to link.

    1. About Mark About Mark Author

      Hello Karl!

      Why, yes, that can be arranged. In fact, I’m thinking about doing just that. Although in a different article. I’ll keep you updated and will most certainly supply you with a link once I post the table.

      Thank you for your feedback!


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