What’s the best mattress for a platform bed?

Hi! Why don’t you make a review on mattresses for platform beds? I mean, you don’t specify where to put the mattresses.


Hello, Frank!

The reason I don’t have such a review is rather simple. Mattresses we put on top of bed platforms are what can be considered “special” mattresses. Mot mattresses are universal like that. Whenever I don’t specify what the mattress is supposed to be put on top of, that means platforms works too. If I mention box spring, however, the mattress is not fit for the platform.

Actually, thank you for telling me this. I might just make a review on platform mattresses specifically. But not anytime soon, I’m afraid. Still, had it not been for your question, I might have forgotten about entirely.

Anyways, if you want to buy a mattress for a bed platform, consider looking up memory foam mattress. As a rule, they don’t require box spring or foundation.

Good luck and take care!


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