What type of mattress is the best?

It seems to me you’re favoring memory foam. Do you believe it to be the best type of mattress? You seem to be recommending mattresses of all types, but which do you think is the best of them?


Hello Greg!

As you might have noticed, I recommend mattresses depending on the (typically hypothetic) situation. It’s hard enough to determine what mattress is the best, trying to find out how good is the whole type should be much harder, without deciding for what or whom.

Every type of mattress has its own advantages and disadvantages. Even hybrid mattresses are not exempt from that. To simply mark one as the best type ever… it might be possible, but that wouldn’t be appropriate. There’s a reason I’m not just giving you one best mattress per post and even then I do more than just give the name of the product. It might be possible for a mattress in the tenth place to be a better match for you than “the best mattress ever.” If only because of your situation.

That said, I do believe memory foam is one of the best mattress types. No other mattresses can adapt to your body’s outline and cradle it, melting under your skin’s heat. That give some serious comfort and pressure relief. So yeah, memory foam has the best potential (you might want to check my review out). But that doesn’t mean other types of mattresses are automatically subpar.

I hope this answers the question.

Good luck!


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