What is the best mattress for seniors?


My mom is 74 y.o. and she’s been using her old mattress for more than twenty years. I think I’ll be getting her a new one as a birthday present. But I can’t just up and buy it. I want the mattress to be good for her health, you know, not as in non-dehabilitating but genuinely good. Are there any good mattresses for seniors?


Hello Jane!

Well, there certainly are. And not all of them are specially-designed, they are just good for the seniors.

Of course, if you wish, there are specialty mattresses but those tend to be outrageously expensive. And they are very hard to come by. They are not even designed for seniors per se, rather, for treating and not aggravating ailments the senior sleepers may or may not have due to their age.

Over Weight Bariatric Mattress Specially Designed for Heavy PeopleSo what is the best kind of mattress for those who are well over their sixties? Mattresses for people with back pain might be a good choice. Although not the only one. I would certainly recommend a latex mattress. While they do not provide the same level of comfort as memory foam, they are very unlikely to cause heat traps as well. Unless the heat typical of a memory foam mattress is a desirable effect, a latex mattress would be a better option for a senior sleeper.

Sometimes, a mattress for overweight people would also make a good match (like this one). Not that senior people are usually overweight but such mattresses are always constructed with proper support in mind and are very comfortable, especially for the elderly.

Hope this helps!


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