What is the best mattress cover for a memory foam mattress?


I have a memory foam mattress. It’s a Deluxe, don’t remember the name itself though. Anyways, I want to get a cover for it. Do you perhaps have any suggestions?

Just a guy

Excellent question!

Perhaps, you didn’t mean that, but the thing is, a memory foam mattress’ performance may be hindered by the cover. How so? The reason for that is the way memory foam performs. It reacts to the pressure of the sleeper’s body as well as their body heat. As a result, the foam quickly softens and cradles the body.

What happens when we put a cover too thick on top of the mattress? The heat can’t reach the foam! And it stays just as hard as before you laid on it. It fails to adapt to your body curves. And since the whole point of memory foam is that it adapts… Well, you get the idea. Still, it should react to the pressure either way, even though not as good as to both the pressure and the heat. In the end, it all depends on the memory foam’s brand, how thick the original cover is and how much heat you produce.

If you want to get a cover for your memory foam mattress, make sure to have a look at my review on mattress protectors.

Hope this helps. Best wishes!


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