What is the best mattress for kids?


I have a kid, and he has a room of his own but it seems to us that his mattress is not all that good. We have the Beautyrest Elements mattress. Anyways, a kid his age should not have insomnia. He’s eight. Can you perhaps recommend another mattress?


Hello Fred!

As a matter of fact, I can. You see, that mattress you’ve mentioned, it’s certainly not one of the best mattresses Simmons can boast. Not too many individual coils, not enough comfort foam… It’s a good mattress but only for those who fall asleep easily, who don’t sleep lightly. Otherwise… it can be rather troublesome.

Anyways, I believe a memory foam mattress should be good in your case. I would not rather recommend another innerspring mattress, not after you told me your kid can’t sleep well in that one. It might be not due to the Element’s poor construction but rather due the fact it is a spring mattress. Not necessarily but the possibility is definitely there.

Another option would be a latex mattress, but those are not cheap. If you can afford one, that’s great. If not, a memory foam mattress should do the job just fine.

Hope this helps! Cheers,


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