What is the best electric mattress pad?

Hey there!

It looks like you don’t only write about mattresses but about mattress pads as well. I’m not going to say this is a matter of life and death to me, or that I’m going to make a purchase so because I’m not, but it still would be nice to know. I kind of don’t always feel comfortable at night. So I was thinking about how an electric pad would help me.


Hello Rick!

From what you said, it’s not clear what problem exactly you have. Electric mattress pads can have a multitude of purposes. Essentially, an electric pad is a pad powered by electricity. What it does is another question entirely.

I assume, you’re talking about heated pads. That’s what most people would mean by that, in my humble opinion. I’m not going to say much, I all can do is to direct you to my review on heated pads. There are plenty, after all. Make sure to be careful with those, some of them are known for causing second-degree burns.electricpad

But perhaps, you mean cooling pads? Those, too, can be powered by electricity. And, just like with heated pads, I have a review on them.

I really hope this was helpful. If it wasn’t, feel free to write right back.



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