How to come by a good sponge mattress?


Do you perhaps know what would be a good sponge mattress to buy? I have a back condition, so maybe you have some advice? Not that I haven’t ready any of your reviews, it’s just that a friend of mine said a sponge mattress would be very good.


Hello Klum!

The answer to your question really depends on what exactly you mean. If you’re referring to mattresses made of natural sponge, I’m afraid I can’t help you much. I’m not even aware if those actually exist, if they do, they are certainly not mainstream. I doubt you should be looking for something like that online.

But if you’re talking about sponge mattresses as in foam mattresses, well, I do have at least two reviews on mattresses like that. This one is on memory foam mattresses. This one is on latex mattresses.

These both types qualify as foam mattresses. Consecutively, they should also qualify as sponge mattresses.

Hope this helps!


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