What size is a crib mattress?


That’s a nice post you have there. Seems like you know a lot about that stuff. Do you know what size is a crib mattress? I mean, not just what it’s called but also the actual dimensions? How many of those sizes are there? You said something about how the crib and the mattress can be mismatched, so I’m a little bit worried about that.


Hello Kelly!

There’s generally only one size a crib mattress (or a crib, for that matter). And it’s called just that, the Crib Size. The standard dimensions for this size are 28″x52″. However, there’s a trick. 816dDO-YxTL._SL1500_[1]While that may be the standard, deviations by an inch or half an inch not only are in the realm of possibility, they don’t actually make the mattress invalid technically. Such deviations are acceptable, but only technically. After all, if there are deviations, a mismatch is just as possible.

If the crib is bigger than the crib mattress, you can try to fill in the gaps by utilizing a mattress protector. However, most of the protectors are meant for adult mattresses. In my own review I mostly paid attention to them. That doesn’t mean there aren’t covers for crib mattresses. Take this Sealy Mattress Cover, for instance. It should be a perfect fit for most cribs. With it, a loose crib mattress would match the crib itself far better.

Hope this helps!


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