What is the best way to clean a mattress?


You know what, you blog is, like, all about what mattress would be better to buy. That’s nice and all, but do you have any tips for those who already have a mattress? Like, how to clean one? Or how to make sure we don’t need another mattress for a long, long time? I understand that’s not something you usually write about but I would really appreciate that, and I think I’m not the only one.



I guess you’re absolutely right, Tom. Something like that would be a good post to write.

After all, don’t we all want our belongings to last? That’s especially true for mattresses because getting a new one is always a pain. And not only that! If you, say, have an old TV, you have an old TV. If your washing machine is broken, there will always be a laundromat available and if not, you could wash your laundry by hand. However, a mattress’s job is to keep you healthy. If your mattress wears out too soon, that’s going to be not the best thing for your back and health in general. That means it would be completely reasonable of me to give you some cleaning tips.

The first thing we should remember is that the best way to keep a mattress clean is to never let it get stained. How do we go about that? Well, the first step should be getting a mattress protector of some kind. Doesn’t matter what exactly, as long as the protector does its job and keeps any “dirtying agents” away from the mattress. However, a protector can only be so good, besides, it’s not like it’s always on. It is not impossible to damage it. It’s not impossible for the mattress to be uncovered and get stained at the time the cover is being washed. So how do you fix that?

steam-mattress-cleaning[1]Two words. Baking soda. It’s a perfect cleaning agent. That’s all you need. That’s all I need when my mattress needs some love.

Well, perhaps it’s not exactly all that might be required, but as long as the mattress is not exceptionally dirty, the soda should suffice. If it does have some serious stains, you should try using hydrogen peroxide, some soap and scrubbing before getting to sprinkling the soda all over the mattress.

Speaking of the soda, yes, that’s what you should do. You don’t have to add any water, although I do recommend adding several drops of some aromatic oil. Once you’ve done that, leave the mattress be for several minutes, the vacuum-clean it. And there you go!

Hope this was helpful!



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