What is the best waterproof mattress?

Hello Mark!

I was wondering if you could give some tips on waterproof mattresses? There must be some mattresses like that, right?

E. Jaeger

Hello Jaeger!

First of all, ask yourself if you really want a waterproof mattress. If you’re still sure about that, then it’s time for the next question. How waterproof do you want it? I don’t ask how good it should be. It’s obvious that, on this site, you would only want to find the very best. No, what I ask is which parts of it should be waterproof and why it is important to you. It’s not that easy to find something like that, let alone identify the best waterproof mattress.

Since you cannot answer as I’m writing this, let me make an educated guess. You want the cover of the mattress to be waterproof. After all, that makes perfect sense. If it’s not waterproof, then there is no point even if all the other layers are. Actually, if the cover isn’t waterproof whereas the other layers are that might be an even worse situation than a mattress completely non-waterproof. Why? Because the water would not be absorbed and neither would it evaporate anytime soon. And that is not hygienic, not hygienic at all.

So, we’ve established that what needs to be waterproof is the cover. Anything else matters little.

And since it’s the cover that needs to be waterproof, why bothering with a mattress at all? What you need is a mattress protector. They usually are either waterproof or water-resistant. But I guess you can make the choice for yourself.

Hope this helps! Good luck in finding a protector.


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